Hi, my name is 



I am an

Instructional Designer


My development skills coupled with my experience as an educator for Digital Technologies curriculums create the perfect mix for technical content creation. As a result, I've recently stumbled upon the job title of "Instructional Designer", which I think sums up my skills perfectly as I often design, create and/or deliver technical courses.

She Codes

She Codes logo.

She Codes is a startup, based in Perth, that is on a mission to teach women coding skills, get women into technical careers, and build communities of like-minded women. Our vision is to increase diversity in tech by inspiring 100,000 women across Australia by 2025.

I am the Technical and Education lead for She Codes. The content I design, create and deliver is aimed at beginners, so the most difficult part about this role is making sure we push the students out of their comfort zone, but not too far as to scare them away from tech. It's a challenging balance to maintain, so I am constantly adapting and improving our content.

Student Edge

Student Edge logo.

At Student Edge I was the Learning Coordinator. I worked with experts in a range of different fields, to produce educational content for students, focused on the life skills not taught at school.

My primary role was to be the liason between the learning providers (experts) and Student Edge, and to make sure that the content produced was of a high standard, suitable for our platform, and relevant for the students using it.

This role relied heavily on my experience as an Instructional Designer, as well as my background of working in both the education and technology industries.

Firefly Educate

Firefly logo.

Firefly is a technology consulting company that focuses on developing and administering New Product Introduction (NPI) IT training programs for their client’s employees.

At Firefly I was involved with designing and creating a program for educating software developers on how to use new software in the Financial Services Industry, which involved utilising my Python programming and content development skills.